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Monster Crayons Help Abused Children

Publicis Mojo Brisbane has been contributing to Act for Kids with pro bono creative work for over 25 years.

ACT for Kids is a charity that helps abused children through a range of therapies, one of which is art therapy. Act for Kids had a problem. With an abundance of charities competing for donations, their supporter base was suffering widespread ‘donor fatigue’. To address this, we conceived a long-term, independent income stream for the charity that doesn’t rely on donations.

Our idea was born out of the insight that while undergoing art therapy, abused children often draw monsters, hundreds of them, to deal with the emotional trauma of abuse. But they stop drawing monsters when they finally start to heal. It’s this break-through moment that art therapists call “taking away the monsters”. And so the idea of “Monster Crayons” was born: monster-shaped crayons that bring to life how art therapy works: as you draw, you slowly take away the monster. All profits from the sale of Monster Crayons will go to Act for Kids to help abused children.

The agency team initially worked with children, an art therapist, an occupational therapist, a character designer and an artist to research, and then develop a product that fuses form and function. Inspired by real children’s drawings, Monster Crayons are both incredibly fun and highly functional. We then pre-sold Monster Crayons through a crowd-funding campaign to pay for the manufacturing process and are currently negotiating with major national retail chains to stock Monster Crayons. Once Monster Crayons is up and running in Australia, the agency intends to contact similar charities around the world and offer them access to the intellectual property behind Monster Crayons to use.

Monster Crayons are made from high-quality, safety-approved wax to give a great finish. They will be sold in a pack containing four different monster characters in red, blue, green and yellow. The pack will feature a beautiful children's illustration of a monster on the cover and the story of Act for Kids on the back. We have consulted with an occupational therapist to ensure the size is appropriate for children to use.

Pre-sales of Monster Crayons have effectively paid for the entire initial manufacturing run. Earned media from the campaign was valued at over $1,000,000+ with a reach of 7,160,000 people.

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