Wednesday, 15.11.

The 3% Movement

Five years ago the percentage of women in Executive Creative Director positions in the United States was a shocking 3%. And yet we are living in a generation where women influence beyond 80% of consumer spending and 60% of social media sharing. In 2017 the figure in the US has risen to 11%.

In September this year the 3% movement ( ) entered Australia with a mission to help us understand the current state of play and start shifting the dial. We sent Jane Young our new PublicisQ Client Services Director, Susie Radcliffe, our Finance Director and Hugh Wilson, our Head of Talent along to support.

The one day event had a packed timetable with a diverse range of speakers and panels. One incredibly sad fact that was mentioned throughout the day is that it's estimated it will take 170 years to eradicate the disparity in pay and employment opportunities between men and women. Closer to home it's estimated that Australian women will be paid less than men for another 50 years. Hardly better.

The event championed by the extremely passionate and charismatic, Cindy Gallop, encourages everyone to do their part, 'one micro action at a time'. They've actually shared 100 things you can do right now to help drive the 3% number upward. Have a read (, pick at least one, and do your part!

Cindy's 2017 speech isn't up yet but you can see her 2016 presentation here ( . Expect to see Publicis there again next year.

On the same topic, I'm thrilled to say Publicis is supporting the Agency Circle which launched this time last year. The ambition of the Agency Circle is to drive the accountability of improving diversity across our own industry. In joining it we are helping to drive the accountability of both our agency and our industry as a whole. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey; watch this space.

Jane Young, Client Services Director, PublicisQ





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